The Home of the Depot and the critters that come with it

Today, I wanted to take you on a little trip to where I work. It's bring your blog to work day!

So I work at the wondrous place called Home Depot. Orange may not be my most flattering color, but I deal with it because I love working there much. In the winter I cashier, but come summer I am let free and venture out into the garden center.  I wake up at the wee hours in the morning and water the plants. You may be thinking, that's the most boring thing I've ever heard. WRONG! I love it. To be able to start my day at 4am (yeah that early) and just water plants all morning and not have to deal with customers, it's the best thing ever.

There is one downside. The critters I come across that early in the morning as monstrous. I'm not kidding, they're like something you would find back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

One time there was this moth, same size of my head (and I have a big head!) and he kept flying around me and it was freakin the crap out of me. So I shot the poor bugger down with my watering hose, trying to drown it. Sorry Peta... The dino moth wouldn't die!!! It just kept fluttering there in the water. I let him go and I never saw him again. I think I taught him a lesson that day.

it might have been this big.
Another time I found a dragonfly sitting on a plant that just totally popped out of no where. He literally had a wingspan of like a foot. Where the hell did he come from!?

I once got to watch a bird hunt down a different dragonfly, catch it, and then eat it like some kind of caveman. This tiny little bird just swallowed the dragonfly whole. It was a little frightening.

Alright one more. One time I was watering the flower baskets and I saw something move in the leaves. I usually always inspect the plants when I find a bug. I don't know why because I always end up flipping out after I figure out what it is and that is exactly what happened this time. So this albino spider comes crawling out and it is so huge! I spray it with my hose (this happens to be my only weapon, so I use it a lot) and the damn bugger won't die. This spider is really freaky looking too, so I took a picture of it and tried to google what type it might be. Never found a match.

I'm telling you, these creatures either only exist at Home Depot or early in the morning.

And it's weird.


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