My Happy List

10 things that make me happy....

1. Cats. Any cat could cheer me up.
2. Waking up early and having a super long day.
3. Cuddling. It's makes everyone happy and I'm included.

4. Rainy Days. I love having an excuse for staying inside and watching movies. and cuddling :)
5. Coupon shopping trips. When I get to use a coupon at every store I go to and save butt loads of cash, I'm a happy gal.
6. True Blood or really any vampire show. I would be good at being a vampire.
10. Fresh Flowers. There's nothing like a good bunch of flowers to brighten my day.

7. Giving gifts. Ask Chris, I love giving gifts. I love seeing someone smile because I gave them something.
8. New perfume. there just something about getting a new perfume and actually being able to smell what you smell like for a while.
9. Camping. I love being woodsy and living in a tent for a week.


1 comment

Chanel Jibal said...

You had me at rainy days and True Blood

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