what I'm most afraid of.

This will probably come to no surprise to those who know me, but my biggest fear is kinda random. It's not spiders or losing someone I love most (though that is a close contender). It's not getting stuck in an elevator or even clowns. 

It's whales. 

I hate them. 

More so the bigger whales. Blue whales, Grey whales, Humpback whales, Sperm whales, pretty much anything bigger than 3 buses. It gives me the heeby geebies just thinking about them. I believe this fear for whales started when I simply saw a comparison picture of a human to a whale. It freaked the hell out of me to know that there is something that is 100x larger than I am. It's just not cool.

I won't swim in the ocean. I won't even ride a boat in the ocean. People ooooo and ahhhh when they go whale watching, I would probably cry. And perhaps have a panic attack. If I happened to ever be in a situation where there is a whale on one side of me and a shark on the other, I'd choose shark. 

I was had a nightmare I was swallowed by a whale like Dory and Marlin. I was stuck inside this whale and had no where to get out. It was the worst thing ever. 

What are you most afraid of?



Amanda Schroeder said...

This made me giggle {sorry.} I've never heard that before! But I have some super strange fears too. So I can't talk.


Kellene Elise said...

I am afraid of really large things... And people laugh whenever I say it! But whales are included! Also ships, planes, skyscrapers, trains, and anything HUGE! I am ok if I am inside of these things {well, not the whale of course} but to stand next to them makes my legs shake and I get SO SCARED! lol

This Lovely Little Day

Tyler said...

Ah man.. I love whales and am so passionate about saving them.. but girl I am with you! I know a lot of activists will go and try to swim with them.. um no thank you! They are SO massive and all they have to do is accidentally bump you and you're knocked out.. I've only been whale watching once, and it was so cool, but it was definitely a little nerve wracking.. and if it would have been a little closer to our boat, or I was in a smaller boat, I probably would have freaked out a little bit.. maybe a lot :p

Eloquent Obi said...

oh wow! that is unique. love how you put it words. hope this post did not scare you too much!

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