the things school doesn't teach you.

Senior Year 2010
Sex Ed didn't teach me about how to spot a douche nozzle- This is something I feel should actually be a main topic in the class. Everyone needs to know this and if I did, I would have saved so much of my time in high school.

How to pay my taxes- I still don't understand what the hell I'm doing with that.

It's okay to be different- I remember being very self conscious about myself in high school, caring about what everyone thought. Nowadays.....NOPE!

Gym class didn't teach me shit about self defense- All we did is run around in a circle on a track. How is that suppose to help me from a predator? You can't just run forever!

Parking on a college campus- This may just go for my school, but everyone parks like an idiot. 3 way parking is not okay people, don't park me in, I will key your shit.

Making friends-I'm really good friends with some of the people that I never spoke to in high school because I thought they were really intimating. If I could back (which I never would) I would definitely had wanted to be friends with these people because they're pretty awesome.

Sit in the front row and participate- I'm one of those people who doesn't learn anything unless your shoving it down my throat. Since I started college, I've always sat in the front row. You learn so much!


Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

haha this post made me laugh because I totally identified with each point. Way to be spot on.


Melanie Heyns said...

haha, I love this post. School is seriously lacking in some serious life lessons.

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