Favorites of the Past

An Old Friend- This was one of my first posts on the blog and I wrote about my bestie who is living over seas in Japan with her Air Force hubby. I think I was just missing her a ton that day and she was coming home soon after I wrote that so I was also very excited to finally see her. And my hair is so freaking long in those pictures, it's redick.

Crappy Portrait- A crappy picture that has become one of my favorite pictures. 

Hippos- This post explains how I've always wanted a hippo to call my own. Don't take it seriously, I'll never own a hippo...

Peninsula State Park // Part 1 // Part 2- One of my favorite past times is camping, specifically at Peninsula State Park. 

Chris' grumpy face- makes me laugh every time. 

Patches- A very sad post about the best cat I will ever know. 

Caramel Apples- 3 awesome caramel apple recipes. My mouth is watering already. 


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Ara Zastrow said...

The picture of kitty Kelly and zombie Chris made me smile. I love it.

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