Garden with Kelly // Transplanting and my first sprouts

WOOHOO, another day of Garden with Kelly (that's moi). My veggie garden has been coming along wonderfully and a couple of days ago WI finally warmed up enough for me to transplant those cherry tomatoes outside. Thank you weather.

What I did first with my tomatoes to get them ready for transplanting was taking them outside for a few hours everyday. I first started on the porch and just sat them next to the window. Then after about a week I would set them outside in the morning and take them in at night. This just gets them ready for the outside weather and you don't have to deal with them wilting or transplant shock when you finally do transplant them. 

I did the transplanting in the morning when the sun was low to reduce the shock factor. However it was still really windy, but they didn't seem to mind much. I then dug holes in the ground around my cages where I wanted them to start growing. I did about 3-4 plants for each cage. I then just plopped my bio-degradable pots with the plants into the holes and covered them up with dirt. The second link I posted at the bottom of this post had a really neat fact. I guess when transplanting your tomatoes, bury them deep, about 2/3 of the stem. This will help it grow bigger. I read the post after planting mine and didn't do, but I think they'll be okay. 

I also planted my green beans and sugar snap peas. I did the same thing I did with my tomatoes and planted about 2-3 for each cage. they haven't come up yet, but I expect them to in the next week or two. 

About two weeks ago I planted my spinach and lettuce and they started sprouting the other day. I have some major weeding to do thanks to the huge ass tree that hangs over the bed, but I'll get to that tonight. It was really cool to see them come up and super exciting to know that soon I can eat them. I'll have to do some thinning out soon to, once they hit about 3-4 inches, I'll start the plucking and we'll see who makes the cut.

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