a beautiful summer afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I spent my time at Chris' parent's house. We ate, laughed, and watched movies, which is generally the usual at that house. The sun decided to come out a little later and since we haven't seen it in god knows how long, we all decided to bask in its glory while it was out.

Chris got me a new lens for my camera (50mm f/1.8) that I was dying to try out and since his mother had about 100 bouquets of flowers in the house and trees blossoming in the backyard, I wanted to test out my new piece of equipment on them. Here's the outcome....

This was the blossoms out of focus. I loved the different colors that appeared. 



Brittany said...

Nice pictures!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

you have almost the same kind of blossoms I did in my backyard. I posted them a week or so ago! Come check them out, if you have a chance.

Eleanor said...

omg these photos are just beautiful!! :) i love them all!

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