Happy Friday everyone! It feels like forever since I've been here and I don't like that. Today is probably the first day in a long time I've actually been able to sit down and write something. Last weekend I was in Minnesota, yesterday I was in Chicago, and next week I'll be in Florida! It's crazy how much I've been in the car lately. 

I'm just doing something simple today. However, I will soon have a to die for cupcake recipe up soon for you all. Again, it's been FOREVER since I've posted a recipe. I think I've gotten very lazy with taking pictures of new recipes I try. Funny, seeing as I just bought a camera (silly Kelly). 

So enjoy the pictures of my life via Instagram....

new lens // disaster cake // fresh picked strawberries // best doughnut ever 
shopping spree in MN // selfie //  road trippin // man 
cat // same cat



Dilan Dilir said...

wonderful photos! :D

heather said...

is that fruity pebbles on a doughnut??? looks amazing!

Brittany said...

Lots of traveling! Fun but so busy. And you came to MN :)

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