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 I'm letting a very special guest take over the blog for me today and please enjoy. Maxime is an amazing jewelry designer and makes some of the cutest pieces. Make sure to check out her Etsy shop and stay tuned for a pretty stinkin' great giveaway at the end!



Hi everyone :) My name is Maxime, I'm the proud owner of Kirameku and I love everything that shines! :) Kelly had the wonderful idea of a guest post (thanks Kelly!) and asked me to tell you more about my handmade shop. Kirameku is glad to offer a wide selection of colourful and sparkling creations, from handmade jewelry to one of a kind artwork. Kirameku specializes in cocktail jewelry, unique statment pieces as well as custom orders. We are based in Montreal, Canada. I make everything myself, from graphic design to jewelry making.

How did it all start? Very simple: when I was out shopping for jewerly, I could never find a piece that would fit my taste or budget. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, so my first reflex was to start sketching what I had in mind. Then I went to a craft store, bought supplies and started to make my own jewelry. I did many tests and eventually discovered the "berries" that you see at Kirameku's todays. My friends and family loved my designs, asked for custom pieces and always wanted something new. One of my friends suggested Etsy and that's how I discovered this venue. I opened Kirameku back in 2009 because I wanted to share my creations with women around the world who are looking for this perfect piece of jewelry just like I was. I create unique, feminie pieces that fir any budget so that you can treat yourself without breaking your pgiiy bank. I want to make jewelry that makes you happy to sparkle.

I've introduced many new collections to the "Berries Series," like the Mother of Pearl Earrings and the wedding necklaces in 2013. and I have to say I l-o-v-e making wedding jewelry. Weddings are so beautiful! I'm crazy for celebrations of love and happiness! I hope that expanding my wedding collection will bring forward that perfect statement piece for your perfect day. :)

The part I love most about my job - besides making you happy and gorgeous, is making a custom piece just for you. I feel so privileged to be able to make your wish come true! So please, never hesitate to ask me to create something new, creation is all my life is about.


And now for the giveaway! Maxime was so gracious to offer this beautiful set of dangle and drop earrings for one lucky winner!

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Christina Main said...

Wow! This looks so beautiful! :)

Ara Zastrow said...

I love the "Berries"! They are so pretty!

Kirameku said...

Thank you so much Christina and Ara! : )
I'm so happy that you love them! :D

Rachel Haugley said...

Love your Etsy store- I added a couple of your items to my newest treasury list! ;)

Gillian Mak said...

Stunning work! I found you through Etsy!

Kirameku said...

Thank you so much Rachel! :D I really appreciate you added my jewelry to your treasury list! :D

Thank you Gillian! I'm glad you found me on Etsy, it is such a wide market! : )

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