The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I woke up and found Erin's version of this and sat in bed for a good 30 minutes reading everyone who linked up. Of course I had to tag along and do one. The quiz they do in Cosmo is one of my favorite parts to read in the mag and it was so fun to fill out my own.

I also wanted to state how crappy I have been at blogging lately. Forgive me people, being a college student sucks and it wipes my brain free of any original ideas. So I can't promise anything until summer starts up, which needs to soon because this -30 degree crap Wisconsin is throwing at us is getting old. You hear me Wisconsin!? Cut this shit out.

However, I've had all week off because of my job hates me, so I've had some time to put together some semi-cool posts. You can look forward to seeing a couple healthy muffins recipes that I am so excited to share because they turned out delicious! Also there is a wonderful giveaway coming your way so keep a look out for that.

Talk soon!



Marianne Sandling said...

I LOVE this quiz! I've never seen anything like it! You're answers are SO much like mine would be, it's uncanny!
You've got a great blog, keep it up!

Karrine Beasley said...

Oh I loved the first round of these but didn't have time to join in. Im a bit late but I have to do this one :)

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