end of ze world


I've been neglecting my internet abode and I'm sorry little blog space of mine. The past couple of weeks I've been super busy with preparing for finals and then studying for finals. Yes, it's finals week. The dreadful week that no college student looks forward to, except for when they're finished. My room is a mess with note cards and books and papers. I don't even think I have any walking space. 

However, today I'm taking a break from cramming and heading on over to Chris' parents house and making some Christmas treats with his mom. The result will be one thing you guys can look forward to on here. I promise to have a recipe up soon. Other than that, posts will be scarce until the end of the week when my lovely month break starts. So looking forward to it. 

Also, I'm starting to believe this whole end of the world thing. Wisconsin's weather seriously is beginning to drive me insane. All the snow that we got a little while ago as melted due to the big rain storm we got. Now in the forecast is a super huge SNOW storm where we're suppose to get up to a foot of snow. What the hell is going on here? As long as this snow stays for Christmas (if we make it there) i'll be happy. 

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Rachel said...

Good luck finishing finals! I was just there. Finished today :) Even more important...have fun baking cookies!! So excited to go home and do that. Thankfully, Eau Claire JUST edged above the storm :)

Dilan Dilir said...

ohhh cookies!! have fun while baking them :D

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