The Best of 2012!!

My best friend Nikki came home after Navy boot camp for a while. It was so great to have her back and be able to spend time with her. She shortly left again, this time across seas to Japan, with her husband. Still missin' on her. 

Chris and I spend Valentines weekend at a hockey game that turned out to be super fun. I also made this awesome chicken dinner for him that night. 

Wisconsin got hit with it's first snow storm that left me unable to leave Chris' house and go back home. But I didn't complain :)

We celebrated April with National Grilled Cheese Month (it's a real thing), my favorite snack ever. I shared three awesome grilled cheese recipes that are to die for!

The bestie and I had a fun day out in the sun snapping pictures for the blog and pretty much just screwing around the whole day. 

Birthday month!! I celebrated my 20th birthday in June with Chris. He got me some gorgeous flowers and an awesome cupcake recipe book. Love that boy so much <3

Spent July like I always do, with a camping trip to Penisula with the family and bestie. It was an amazing week and can't wait for next year's trip. 

We also lost the greatest cat to ever live in this house, Patches. He'll always take up the biggest part of my heart and will always be missed. Miss you boo. 

 I put that cupcake book to work with some great recipes that I shared with you guys, like these Snickerdoodle Cupcakes. Couldn't stop eating these. 

After going blackberry picking with the girls, we made some berry smoothies that were a part of my meal for about a week. No shame, they were delicious. I also finished reading Fifty Shades and created my own cast for the movie version in one of my favorite posts

Chris and I visited his brother in Chicago and spent the weekend in the city and going to my very first soccer game! Turned out I was more interested in soccer than I thought. 

 We celebrated Halloween with some amazing caramel apples and some fancy schmancy pumpkin drilling

 Wisconsin had it's first snowfall of the winter season. It lasted about 2 days, but it was still the first. I shredded my closet of my summer clothes and brought out the boots and scarves. Also celebrated one year of blogging! Way to go me! 

 Merry Christmas!! Had about 4 Christmas' total and spent so much time with family and eating. Mostly eating this delicious candies that were so addicting. Good thing I only make them during the holidays. Also, give yourself a pat on the back for surviving the end of the world. Not many people can put that on their check list. 

What did you're year look like in pictures? I wanna see!! 
Hope you all have a fabulous new years and I'll see you all next year! 



Jennifer said...

aaaannnd now Im hungry. That grilled cheese sandwich and those snicker doodle cupcakes are making my stomach rumble!

Amanda Schroeder said...
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Amanda Schroeder said...

That looks like a WONDERFUL year. The grilled cheese & pretzels at the bottom look DELICIOUS! Happy new Year, Kelly


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