this is what i've been waiting for

I for sure thought that we were going to have a Christmas with no snow. With all the 60 degrees days Wisconsin was blessing us with, it wasn't looking very likely. But, Wisconsin knows what it's people love the most and for December, we love snow. Last night we got hit with about 10 inches of snow that I don't think is going anywhere for a while.

Thanks Wisco, you da' bomb.



Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

I. Am. So. Jealous. !!!!

I live in Milwaukee and we got zero snow yesterday. Just rain. Granted I live on the lakefront so there is that lake effect but I thought that was supposed to give us more snow. I can admit though, I am happy for you.

PS. Yes I have a new blog name. It's still me :) I will be back to blogging in a few days!

Liz @ Beyond Blonde Blog said...

I wonder if that means it's coming our way - I live in West Michigan :)

Brittany said...

SNOW!! We got our share here in MN too this weekend :)

Miranda said...

we finally got our snow is Western Wisconsin too! I'm always nervous of snow because of the dangerous driving but it's so pretty and fun to play in!

Melissa said...

Beautiful! I'm so envious. Massachusetts has been having lots of hot days too.

<3 Melissa

Jessica said...

Oh beautiful! Hopefully it will snow in Ohio when I visit the in-laws! "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!"-Jessica L

anna lizbeth said...

the snow is beautiful!!

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