New Year's Eve and 2013 Wishlist

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I'm pretty sure everyone says this at the end of each year, but I truly can't believe that 2012 is said and done. It flew right by and now we're only a night away from 2013. It always hits me at the end of each year just how fast those years go by. It felt like a second ago that I was graduating high school with not a clue in the world. Now I'm a year or two away from graduating college with still no clue in the world. Oh life. 

Anyway's, I've never been one of those people to make a new years resolution because, well, I know I won't fulfill it. But this year I wanted to make a short wishlist and actually see if I accomplish any throughout the year. And if I don't, well then this post was just for shits and giggles. 

1. Survive more "it's the end of the world" days. This one will be a breather.

2. Eat healthier. boring I know, but I'm a candy junkie and I really need to stop. More fruits and protein smoothies coming my way!

3. Take more pictures. Looking back on the 2012 pictures, I really didn't take a lot and it's sad. I'm only two weeks away from getting my dream camera and that thing will be tied to my neck.

4. Start making Youtube videos. Is that weird? I really want to make beauty videos and share with people my techniques and simple looks that I wear everyday. I think it would be super fun and also a way to look back one day. Still processing....

5. De-clutter. Another easy one. I'm constantly hoarding things in my closet and they just keep piling up. I'm always cleaning them out and throwing things away. But this year hopefully I can just stop it from the start, maybe there's a 7 step plan for this?

6. Blog more! This one is a biggy for me. It always seems when winter rolls around that I'm MIA on the blog. School and work take up a lot of my time during these months and it's always so hard to sit down and write a decent post. Blogging has become one of my passions and I need to dedicate more time to it, so this coming year, I'll be planning ahead post and organizing so I get thins up for you guys!

7. Actually use Pinterest, for more then just pinning things. Perhaps I should try making one of those 300 cinnamon roll recipes I've pinned...

8. Get dressed. Don't get me wrong, I love spending eternity in my sweats, but I feel I need to actually make myself look decent most days. So my priority for 2013 mornings, will be picking out a cute outfit and rocking it.

Alright, i'll stop talking so that you can all go out get wasty pants. Just kidding, but only a little. Hope you all have a great New Years and i'll see you next year!!

So I've told you all my wishlist for 2013, 
now what's yours!?! 


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Hailey Devine said...

These are similar to mine as well! Good luck. :)

Hailey Devine

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