Coral Splash Manicure

It's another lazy Monday hanging out with the kitty. Didn't have work today, which meant sleep in and watch movies all day. :) I did my nails this afternoon in a way that made me smile so I wanted to show you my little creation.

My nails were in need of a makeover today and after several minutes of flipping through magazines and youtube tutorials for some inspiration, I came up with something I really like. I recently took a trip to Target and got some new nail polishes, my favorite being Sally Hansen's Coral Reef. It's this beautiful coral pinkish color and I absolutely adore it, so of course I had to use it!

Now this design has nothing to do with winter, unless you spend your winter in Mexico laying out on the beach. My thought were more on the lines of summer and pink lemonade, yum. I call it, Coral Splash. 

Nail polishes used:
Sally Hansen Coral Reef
Sally Hansen Crushed
Sally Hansen White On (not pictured, sorry)

 I did two coats of the white polish to give it a good base. Then using a makeup sponge I spotted Coral Reef  all over the tips, about half way down. Let dry and then spot Crushed on top of that. I love how the two go perfect with each other. :)

p.s. this is literally my first time taking pictures of my nails so forgive me if it looks amateurish (that's because it is) 

xo, k

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