Kopy Kat- Glue Gun Bottles

With my addiction to Pinterest coming to an all time high, I came up with a new series for you fabulous bloggers. I was thinking I might take inspiration from Pinterest, including paintings, DIY's, recipes, etc. and make them myself. I think it'll be fun (and probably hilarious) to see how my work turns out compared to the fabulous works that fill Pinterest. 

I will call this new series of mine Kopy Kat (haha get it?) I'll copy the picture in the best way that I can. I will warn you now, my pieces probably will not be as good as the original ones. Truthfully, I'm not the greatest craftster. It's a lot trial and error with my work. I'm putting that up here for you guys to see. If you wanna laugh, go ahead. Trust me, I laugh at my own work all the time. I'm not Picasso. 

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to steal these people's ideas, I give entire credit to the original creator. I'm recreating what they made in my own way, no matter how similar they might end up being. Isn't that one of the reasons for Pinterest and blogging? to recreate what you see? At least I think it is :)


I love bottle crafts, there is just so much you can do with empty wine and beer bottles. I've been big into saving old bottles, because I know i'll do something with them someday (anyone have this issue with other things?) That day came when I found these lovely bottles. They are so pretty and sooooo simple!

1. Collect your left over mason jars, wine bottles, beer bottles, etc.

2. Use a glue gun to write words or draw a neat design on the bottle. Hopefully you have a sturdy hand, because for me it was really difficult to keep my hand steady. Just go slow and do the best you can. 

3. Let the glue dry and then take some spray paint in your favorite color and spray the bottle until it is completely covered. 

I hope you lovelies will enjoy this series. If you come across a picture on Pinterest and you want me to do a Kopy Kat on it, leave the picture in the comments and i'll try it out. 

xo, k

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