Here we go again...

So once again, Kelly has decided to change the look of her blog. What is this, like the tenth time in the last 3 months. It's not the I have a hard time with committing to a certain look, it's just that I get so bored with it. I like changing it up every so often! I hope you guys don't mind too much with the constant header change or background change. Please forgive me for my OCD problem. ;)

Though the look I have right now, I must say, I really do love it. I found this purple chevron pattern over at StarSunflower Studio along with the many other cool patterns and buttons. Check them out, you can spend hours browsing through their hundreds of tutorials and backgrounds.

I plan on keeping this look for longer then the others, because I'm just so excited about it. I love the purple chevron with the orange text. To me, it just looks so darn awesome! I hope that this look can, let's say "brand" my blog and become the thing that screams, "oh, that's kelly elizabeth!!" That sounded cheesy, but brand cheesy.
This part is my favorite. This heart is another aspect of my blog that I hope becomes something that is related to kelly elizabeth. I also hope that you guys enjoy the new look and continue to enjoy my blog. I write for myself but I also write for you guys, I want you to read it and continue to come back. So don't be strangers and I hope to see you again. 

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Liesl said...

I always love changing things up a bit, so, I say go for it with the changing of the blog...looks FABULOUS, as I would say! :)

Liesl :)

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