Talkative Tuesday- Valentine's Day

Jeesh, it's been a long time since I've done a Talkative Tuesday! I think my brain just likes to skip Tuesdays and totally forget about them. But today I told it, "you need to write one!" So give a big round of applause and welcome back Talkative Tuesdays :)

Is it to soon for to start decorating for Valentine's Day? Because I am in the mood for some lovin' (Valentine's lovin', that is...) Christmas is over with, sadly and Valentine's Day is the next holiday in line. Sooooo technically, I can start. This will be my first Valentine's Day with someone other than my cat (no judging, I love my cat) and I'm kind of excited for it. I want to do something special and sweet with my man. It'll be a day of Valentine's magic. :)

I found most of these images through Pinterest and they instantly put me in the mood for some serious decorating and eating...

Pinned Image
Heart garland made out of book pages, or even newspaper. How cute!

Pinned Image
Really?! Heart pizza calzones, yum!!

Pinned Image
I want this, nuff' said. (hint hint, wink wink) 

Found this beautiful heart garland, made with paint chips, here. LOVE IT!!

and with that,
Happy super early Valentine's Day everyone!! Spread the love <3

xo, k

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Courtney Ash said...

Pinterest...the most addictive website in the world...besides blogger of course:)

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