Fashion Confusion- Spiked Clothing

I don't talk a lot about fashion here, probably mostly because I have no sense of fashion. But today, I wanted to address a newer fashion craze I've been seeing a lot lately: spiked clothing. I believe this craze started with people needing to stud every pair of shorts they owned, me being one of them.

Last weekend Bria and I went shopping at Forever 21 and I swear to you, EVERYTHING in that store had spikes on it. I felt like I was walking around a store made for Vikings. I just didn't understand why every sweater in that place had to have spikes on it. They were on the shoulders, the bottom of the sweater, the sleeve of the sweater and so on. I thought the small spikes, like the teensy tiny ones were semi cute, but it gets kind of ridiculous when your sweater becomes a killing machine.

Those shoes should be illegal.

I don't know how anyone else feels about this craze, but I think it should've stopped with studs. I don't want to have to worry about stabbing my boyfriend in the shoulder because I have one inch spikes protruding out of mine.
I mean really. Are you trying to be a porcupine?
Your thoughts?



Dilan Dilir said...

I love spiked clothes!! :D

Jessica said...

The shirt and the shorts are really cute, but I wouldn't wear them unless the spikes were shorter. I'd end up hurting myself!

Erin said...

Hahha I'm dying over that last pic- porcupine for sure! I'm not really into the whole spike thing at all, but I agree- it seems to be on EVERYTHING now! Go away, trend!! ;)

Veronica @ Passion, Pink & Pearls said...

haha I LOVE this! Because FINALLY someone out there is thinking the same thing I am! I don't get it at all...and agreed, those shoes should be illegal...I mean would you be able to wear those on an airplane?! I'm thinking not.

Rachel said...

I don't think I'd really go for the spikes, but I love shoes with studs. I just saw a pair of studded sneakers that I fell in love with. Clothing really shouldn't be dangerous, though! :P

Jessica Lindstrom said...

Some spikes are a little too much haha but love them! Following you from the sponsors link up!


Kiersten said...

Those heels are pretty scary...and I don't even want to talk about that sweater at the bottom.
I just can't figure out why this is popular....
<3 Kiersten

Victoria said...

the pain of wearing the spikes just doesn't seem worth it i don;'t get this fashion either.

love your blog!

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