"Blog Drought"

Hello March. I appreciate you and all, but I'm kind of looking more towards May and June.

Last night Chris asked me how the little ol' blog was doing and I told him I've been blank all week due to stressing over classes, exams, and working myself like a cow (however they work...). He then said I was suffering from "blog drought" which indeed I am. I guess blog drought is a similar disease kind of like writer's block. Winter is never a good season my blog. I don't do a darn thing in winter, because well there's not a lot of stuff going on in my part of Wisconsin in the winter. If you look back, the only interesting things that have happened are the snowfalls and I don't know how many times I can post pictures of my porch covered in snow before people start not following me.

Chris told me to make a list of the things I'm looking forward to with this upcoming spring season, so in dedication to him, I'm making a list. And I really like lists, so it works out.

1. Not having a severe case of blog drought!

2. Starting my vegetable garden. This will be my first time attempting to garden and grow my own food and I am simply to excited for words. I cannot wait to eat food that I've grown!!

3. Warmer weather. Some of you bloggers are super lucky and you better really appreciate it. Spring has probably already started a month ago for most of you, but here in Wisconsin we still have at least a month left of winter, which means cold and frigid weather. Yuck.

4. Using my camera. Winter was probably a really dumb time for me to buy George. Meet George. I'm not a fan of winter, which means I'm not going to spend the time outside in the cold taking artsy fartsy pictures of snow. So George has been sitting in my closet waiting for the warmer weather like me, to get out and get used.

5. Being able to wear skirts and crop tops. Need I say more?

What are you all looking forward to spring?


quick side note:
I have contacted 2 different winners for my Valentine's day giveaway and neither of the girls have contacted me back. So instead, the first person to comment on this post saying they want the prizes, get's them.  
Simple as that. 



Jessica said...

Hey I'll take 'em! :P

Seriously, though. I know how you feel about the "drought". Lately my posts have just been various linkups, not actual posts with content. I think school is overwhelming me and I'm hoping Spring Break clears that up!!


Callie {FirstComesLove} said...

So jelly Jessica beat me to it!

My blog has been a struggle since day 1. I love writing it, but I struggle with how honest to be and how to word things. I don't want to act all "peachy" all the time but I don't want to be a Debbie downer either. I've had the busiest year of my life and this one is no different (hello wedding, moving & new job). Shouldn't stuff like that make it easier to write? But there's just so much I don't know how to document it all. Phew. Vent over :)

Love you girl, keep it up!

Lacey O. said...

Dangit I got beat! If they don't get back to you I will ;) I'm only a month into blogging and I'm a little terrified of the blog drought. I feel like it will inevitably come and I'll want to throw in the towel. Thanks for sharing that I'm not alone!


Mallory Hermann said...

I am going to attempt gardening this year too! My Pinterest is filled with gardening stuff instead of clothes right now

Chelsea @ Life Unpublished said...

I want to start a veggie garden as well, but mine will have to be balcony friendly. So I am not sure how it will work out!

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