the morning I stumbled...

onto the greatest things on the internet!

No, I didn't fall. Although I can be quite a clutz sometimes, today was not one of those days.

The past couple of days have been quite stressful for me, school is biting me in the ass and other issues just seem to be bubbling over my cauldron of life lately. So I decided to be lazy today and just relax, which resulted in me trotting on over to stumbleupon and clicking the stumble button for about an hour straight. Then after finding about 100 things to laugh over, I felt better. Now I want to share those laughs with you. :)

Take a break and enjoy a good laugh.

Exhibit A: Indeed, Michigan just finished building their Great Wall of Michigan.

Exhibit B: When someone is lecturing you.

Exhibit C:

Exhibit D: Viewer discretion is advised.

Exhibit E: A little less inappropriate than exhibit D. 

Exhibit F: Because you need to watch this video at least once in your life. 


Ending soon! 


Meg Bray said...

I am also a stumbleupon addict! It's a great time waster :)!

tiff said...

Exhibit C: That's how I roll everyday! You could tell me the house is on fire & you'd get that exact same face. Zero fucks given!!!

Allison Leighann. said...

Hahaha. I shared the pictures with a friend.
We LOL'd. For quite a few minutes.

Thanks. (:

Lauren Hochleutner said...

so funny! my fiance showed me that skittles commercial, it's not a real one thank goodness!!

parfum said...

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Parfum pas cher.

Kiersten said...

I can't imagine why that commercial was funny though!
And that last video...I just posted that on my blog yesterday! We watched it in my class the other was so incredible!
<3 Kiersten

Anonymous said...

Okay I am DYIN... until the Tmobile video! I about cried!!

Thank you for this :)

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