DIY // Elastic Hair Ties

These hair ties have been all the rage lately and I've been completely obsessed with them. However I didn't want to spend so much in the stores and get so little when I knew how cheap they were to make. I literally spent months trying to look for elastic at craft stores and guess what?! Michael's, JoAnn's, nor Hobby Lobby has elastic trim! Can you believe it! No fricken craft stores where I lived had the one thing I needed. Balls.

But then Pinterest came to the rescue, yet again. I found the perfect online shop, called Sunshine Shoppe that sells a butt load of elastic trim and cute trim and for super cheap!! Jackpot! I bought several yards for around $12. If you need elastic, go there. 

And que the tutorial! 

Supplies Needed:
Lighter or any type of flame
Your hands

1. Cut each tie to about 9.5 inches. I found this worked best most of the elastic. The glitter elastic I cut to 10 inches, because it doesn't stretch as nicely and that length worked great. 

2. Fold the elastic in half

3. Tie a knot and scoot it towards the end until it become tight.

4. Cut off the excess elastic and use a light to quickly melt the edges. It takes about a second so don't let it sit there and burn the whole tie down. This just helps the edges not to fray. 

4. Repeat until you got them all done! 

I made about 40 or so hair ties for $12 which is WAY more then you could ever get buying them in the store. Pretty sure American Eagle sells 3 of them for that price. 

I'm giving some of these away to friends and I let my sister take some of her favorite, because I really don't need 40 hair ties, even though they're so cute. You may also see these in a giveaway coming soon.... but who can say. 


Veronica Lee Burns said...

Cute! I had no idea this was so, why on earth don't our craft stores have these? And where do the people who sell it get it from...unless of course, I guess they're making it...okay, okay that was the dumb blonde in me...

amber.m said...

I've seen so many people make and sell this for an arm and a leg! I always thought, "It can't be that hard to make, so why are they SO expensive".

Chelsea @ Life Unpublished said...

I have been seeing these around a lot lately; I may have to order some elastic trim online as well!!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

Just came across your blog! I'm a fellow WI-blogger too! I'd love for you to come check out my blog, maybe we could follow each other?

kelly elizabeth said...

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