I throw my teddy in the air sometimes....

sayin' ayyyyyoooo, have a nice liiiiiiiife yooooo!

I wasn't very creative with that line, but let's ignore that.

This weekend was 1. amazing and great and wonderful and lovely and any other good word you can come up with and 2. too short. I went to visit that lovely man of mine this weekend and we celebrated our Valentines together. That Chris knows me too well, he got me a picture frame, eos lip balms, and pretty much was just the best gift giving boyfriend all weekend long.

He treated me to a hockey game Saturday night that we didn't actually end up even paying for. Thank you random girls for those tickets. This game was also the annual Teddy Bear Toss where you bring in teddy bears and when the team scores their first goal you throw your teddy onto the rink. They collect all the teddies and distribute them out to the children's hospitals. We went to the same game last year but had no idea about the teddies, however we came armed this year.

here's the rink from last year's toss

We also went to go see Warm Bodies, which turned out to be a really good movies about zombie love. For the rest of the weekend we gorged ourselves in cake (recipe coming soon) and did some shopping where I bought a pound of roasted nuts all because some guy at the hockey game had them and then I craved them. 

Eating those nuts now. Nuts so good. 

My Valentine's Day weekend turned out great and I hope you all had a great weekend with your loved ones too! Have a great day guys!




Amanda Schroeder said...

Aw. I love this! So glad your Valentine's was perfect! Cute teddy! And looks like you had a BLAST. Stoked for that yummy cake recipe :)

Brittany said...

Glad you had fun. That teddy bear toss sounds really cool

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