I've got a lot of crushes...

I follow a lot of bloggers. A lot of these bloggers I have big ol' crushes on. 
Sometimes I wish we were friends in real life, not in a creepy way. 

Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Erin over at Living in Yellow with her Blogger Crush Link Up Party. I don't know how I didn't think about this myself first, because 1. it's brilliant and 2. there are so many bloggers that I just adore that I feel they need to know daily how much I love them. Again, no creepy. 

Here we go!!

Why don't you click play while you read today's post. 

These girls are great and always a must read for me. I love Maddie's sense of style and how she always looks fabulous in everything, definitely that fire red hair! She always has a spoonful of humor in her post and should be your new favorite. Erin is gorgeous, I mean look at her... These sharpie mugs she did? BRILLIANT! I love her sarcastic sense of humor and sometime she says everything I'm thinking. 

Hey Katee! So I've been stalking you for quite some time and you're amazing with the camera. I don't know how you make a single cup of cocoa look so damn good. 

I don't need to say much about these lovely ladies, because their awesomeness is just to grand. Lauren is by far one of the most creative people I've come across in blog land. Check out this gorgeous sweater she made. I've got a huge crush on her. Jenni, again, huge crush. I just can't get enough of her photos and all the cute little shops she goes to in Texas. You all probably know her, but if you don't, you're missing out. I began reading Nat's blog just a little while ago. She's quickly become one of my favorite go to reads. I love her follow me around posts and her little man is so adorable. 

Well those are a few of my biggest crushes here in bloggity land. In celebrity land, it's Johnny Depp, hands down. In real life, Chris is my biggest crush of them all and not just because I know I'll never have a chance with Johnny. A girl can dream.

Adios amigos. 



Kiersten said...

I am loving these posts! It's such a great way to find some new blogs to follow :)
<3 Kiersten

Lesley said...

So many new blogs for me to check out! Thanks!

Lesley / bytheporchlight.com

The Perfect Pear said...

D'awww! :) This seriously made my week!!! I've totally got a big ol' blog crush on you, in like a totally non-creepy way! Thanks so much Kelly!!


Sarah said...

I love this list of bloggers you've compiled! I was feeling in a bit of a blog rut and longing to find some new favorites when I came across your post. It was meant to be! How have I not heard of these (except for SOML--a favorite)? I'm so glad to have found your blog. You have a new fan (and follower!)

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