Bottle Cap Magnets

WOOT WOOT, another tutorial!!

I have a whole shoe box full of bottle caps. Why, you may ask, because I'm a alcoholic. Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol....kidding, I had my parents collect them from their favorite restaurant that they always go to. Not that   I had any idea what I was going to do with them, I just knew I would need them sometime. My first craft with bottle caps was making necklaces. I would drill some holes in the side and string some hemp through them. Those were probably my staple jewelry item of the year, I was obsessed with making them. I attempted at making coasters, but I'm not even going to discuss those. They were an epic fail. 

Story time!! 
I bought a magnetic whiteboard calendar a while back that only came with two blah boring magnets. I had more than only TWO pictures that I knew I wanted to hang up. So I thought to myself, 'Kelly, you have a whole shoe box of  bottle caps that are dying for your attention, use them!!' 

And look what fabulous creation was created!!!! 

These little babies are so simple to make (I say that a lot don't I?). Any who, all you do is glue a magnet to the backside of a bottle cap.When dried, print out your favorite pictures and cut them out in the shape of the bottle cap. Before doing this though, make sure the picture will actually fit inside the bottle cap, remember you don't have a lot space to work with. Shrinking the pictures before printing works really well, obvious  i know but I thought I would throw it in there anyway. Glue the picture on the inside of the cap and then slop some mod podge in there to seal in the goodness. You're finished!

Of course, there's hundreds of different ways you can do these. And think about it, if you don't have any bottle caps, go out and buy a six pack and drink until you do have some. :) Then you'll be super creative...


Liesl said...

I saw this idea on pinterest the other day and it intrigued me...super cute!

Liesl :)

Liesl said...

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DanielleJadee said...

wow i love thease and your blog .... you will go far :)
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