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I had my last two finals today!! I am officially done with school  for a monthish, feels so good! Now I can put my procrastination skills to better use, like sleeping and napping and other activities that involve laying in bed............ Other than kicking exam butt, today has consisted of cleaning and relaxin' with my fur ball, which I consider my paradise. Nothing is better than snugglin' up to my kitty and listening to some music. I forced him into yet another webcam photo shoot, he loves it. Oh! fun fact, my cleaning turned into dancing which then turned into recording it. I have wicked dance moves yo.

Anywhooooo, I had to drop off my textbooks today at the UPS store and let me give you a little pointer. DO NOT ever go there right when they open. I almost had a heart attack! For starters, I never went to this particular UPS store before, which was also connected to their warehouse. So I get there right when all the big brown trucks are getting ready to leave and I pull into the parking lot and just get bombarded with about fifty trucks. I'm in my little ol' Oldsmobile thinking I'm about to be run over and they just keep flying by me. I started to tear up (because I'm a crier in these types of situations) and drive out of there because I freaked and didn't know what to do. 

Short story shorter, I waited in the opposite building's parking lot for all the trucks to leave before I made my way in. I finally dropped my package off after waiting in line for twenty minutes. There are surprisingly a lot of people that like to drop packages off that early too. Conclusion, I probably won't ever go back there again, unless it's after 9:30am.  

So goodbye, au revoir, bless, arrivederci, zayt gezunt, and g'dayyyyyyyyyyy

kelly elizabeth

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