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For students like me it's that time of year again. No, not Christmas. Final exams (dun dun dun)!! The week of hair pulling, nail biting, and late night cram sessions. Why we put ourselves through this stress, I don't know, I'm still trying to figure that out. I'm in the same boat as everyone else and I'm beginning to feel the stresses of all the things I need to get done and handed in. I continue to tell myself to try and take a break every once and a while and return to the workload later (it really helps) And remember, your life will not end if you do poorly on one stinkin' exam. Calm down, take a breather, and RELAX! 

I came across a few simple ways to relive your worries and wanted to share them with you. Hopefully some of these easy stress relievers will help you along the next few weeks. Enjoy!!

Balloon Stress Balls
(Click the image to view the full tutorial) 

These simple lentil stress ball are super easy to make and will really help get some stress off your back. I found these fabulous little guys on the Disney Family Fun site.  They take only a few minutes to make! Go ahead, squeeze some balls (I had to, sorry!) 

Take a short walk

When stress has got the best of you, stop everything, get up, and take a walk!! I know it's cold outside (in most places) right now but suck it up. Breathing in some fresh air will wake you up and re-energize you. Take a short stroll around your block or if you got a nice trail near your place, take it! I'm not saying you have to look as happy as the lady in the picture, but if you are, all the power to ya.

Chamomile Tea

I absolutely LOVE chamomile. I drink it all the time a hour or two before I start getting ready for bed. It helps me wind down and get a good night sleep, especially during exam week. Chamomile also has so many health benefits like helping with eczema and stomach cramps. It also helps cure anxiety, which is really great for those who get nervous or anxious around exam time. My favorite way to brew it is to fill my cup up and pour in the honey. So yummy!!

LUSH Bath Bombs
(click the image to view the LUSH site)

I don't know about you guys, but baths are pretty fricken amazing. Sitting in a tub of warm water, music playing, and candles burning is one of the best feelings ever. I recently discovered LUSH, a bath and cosmetics company. They make homemade hair products, skincare, and also their fabulous bath bombs. You throw them in the tub or even a shower and they explode with wonderful scents. The "Ne Worry Pas" bomb is made to wash away your worries and help you calm down. It's made with soy milk which helps your skin feel soft and refreshed. Take a look at their super fun site and maybe you'll fall in love just like me.

I'm not a big fan of tuna, but when I saw all the health benefits of eating it, I might actually try it out. Tuna or any source of fatty fish is great for a quick mood lifter. Tuna has Omega-3 fatty acids that improves the flow of blood throughout the body. The acids affect hormones that have an important effect on brain function which will boost your mood and get you up and going again. If you don't like eating it alone I found this amazing looking casserole that is also super healthly! Check it out!

(click the image to view the recipe)


It's really that simple! Think of something that puts a smile on your face. It's proven research that smiling causes your body to release feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which helps relieve stress. Hopefully this picture of an adorable blog kitten will do just that! Kitten's make me smile. It's also been studied that just thinking about a smile can do the same. So if it's physically impossible for you to smile or you just like looking grumpy, think about a smile and start feelin good!

I hope these quick and easy stress relievers help all you stressful students out there get through exam week. Most importantly, stay calm, it'll all be okay!!

-kelly elizabeth

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Liesl said...

Love this post and the Stay Calm semester cute! Always like putting a smile on my face and think you are oh so right! :)

Liesl :)

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