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"Sometime people are beautiful,
 not in looks, not in what they say, 
just in the way they are."

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Here goes the second installment of Talkative Tuesdays and today's talkative topic is this purdy little lady Nicole, Nikki, Nikita. The reason I'm dedicating this post to her is because she's coming home for the first time in a long time and I couldn't be more excited. She joined the Navy after graduating and has been in Texas for too long. Tomorrow will be the first time in a long time that she will be home. :) I'm still running off the excitement from the news when she told me this past weekend. Bria and I are driving down to Milwaukee right after class and picking her up at the airport. The airport scenes from movies continue to play through my head. The tears, the joy, and the laughter that will come when she steps into exciting!  

So, of course, here's a little play by play of our beautiful life together. (How romantic)

  Nikki is my brother from another mother and has been since we were little munchkins playing state tag in the schoolyard. She's like my own personal Snookie (because of her height, not her ghettoness). We spent countless summers together going to the mall to shop but ending up only buying food, we were fat, no need to hate. Having my best friend live right down the street from me was probably one of the best things ever. Walk five minutes and ding dong, I'm there. Movie marathons were a weekly thing for us, many consisted of the crappy low budget horror movies. 
Side note: do not rent/purchase/watch The Bog Creatures!! 
Our friendship continued through middle school and into high school, through boyfriends, horrible teachers, and laughing silently like a retarded seal. Of course we had our fall outs, what friendship doesn't? But that doesn't matter now because all is good. I'm picking her little five foot booty up tomorrow and I'm going to give her the biggest bear hug that she's ever received. 

There's a million different stories I could tell you guys that involved Nikki. One night, we stayed up for hours laughing about different types of laughs. Like who does that? We were psychotic back then, I understand it now. On a camping trip with the fam fam, somehow I ripped a chunk of Nikki's hair out and juice boxes were flying everywhere. Or crying over Lost characters when they died or went missing, we were OBSESSED with that show. Watch it now, you'll be addicted. I could go on and on and I'm hoping the second we're reunited we can continue to make fools of ourselves and make memories. :) I miss you like crazy dude. 

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