Birchbox #1- June

My first BirchBox came in the mail about a week ago and I was so excited when I saw it in the mail box. I started jumping for joy and I let out a little squeal. I knew instantly that I wanted to do a review for you guys so I tried using most of the products last week to get a good feel for them. Enjoy the pictures and hopefully the reviews might help those still wondering if they should join. That was me a couple of months ago and I'm so glad I joined. It's like getting a present for yourself every month!

Hair Rules Volumizing Shampoo
I love this stuff. It smells great and it works amazingly. My hair felt awesome afterwards and the "volumizing" part really volumizes. Not that my hair was a bee-hive or anything, but it created a really nice natural volume even without blow drying. 

La Fresh Face Cleanser Wipes
These face wipes were kind of a miss for me. They were a little rough on my skin and I still had to rub harder on my eyes to remove my non-waterproof mascara. I've been using Garnier makeup remover wipes for years and these definitely don't live up to them. 

Tili Bags
I used these bags to hold all my sample packets of face lotion, shaving cream, etc. and I really like them. They're great for travel or holding onto little things in your purse. 

theBalm Lip and Cheek Stain
This was by far my favorite product in this month's box. I've been using it like crazy since I got it. I love it for my lips because it adds a great subtle red to them. It's awesome for on the go and quick re-touches!

Winks Faux Lashes
I haven't tried these yet because I'm disabled when it comes to putting on fake eyelashes. When the day comes that i'm able to apply these babies, I bet they'll look great! 

Happy Monday everyone!


Samantha said...

Yay! You got it! I kept checking to see if you did a review. :) I want to try that shampoo! And i'm the same way when it comes to fake eyelashes... I can't do it.

Pia said...

I had a subscription for GlossyBox, which is the German equivalent for Birchbox I think. I always loved getting my box in the mail! But then they raised the price and the products were no longer worth the money for me.
Your Birchbox looks amazing tough. The Balm Lip and Cheek Stain? Love. If my GlossyBox looked like this every month, I definitely wouldn't have quit my subscription!

Bekuh Browning said...

I've been wanting to try a Birchbox but haven't gotten around to it. I've heard really mixed reviews. All of your goodies look awesome though, and totally worth the try.

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