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Today, i'm relaxing and letting Allison take the reigns. She's the creator and wonderful writer behind Sweatpants and High Heels. She's also one of my wonderful sponsors. Head on over to the side bar and take a look and stay to check out this awesome DIY she has for all of you!


In case you haven't figured out by now, Kelly is one talented individual when it comes to crafts, photography, and baking. Every time I see a picture of cupcakes in one of her posts, I always end up with the same dilemma: do I want to eat it, or hang the picture of it on my wall?

In short, this girl is fabulous when it comes to presentation and I am so excited to be a guest on her blog today. When it comes to crafts and DIY, I am new to the game...I was a full time career buff until I became a mommy in December. I am enjoying this season of my life because I'm actually at home long enough to tap into my creative side. I like to stick to short and sweet crafts since I have a little one who will be crawling any day now!

 Today I'll show you how I painted a few jars without the use of a paint brush. It's hard for me to believe too...but anyone can do it! It's only 3 steps and if you have 10 minutes available, you will end up with some pretty awesome decorations for your home. I was inspired by this Youtube tutorial.



-can of paint

Step 1: Fill the jar with paint about 1/8 full. (paint and jar picture)

Step 2: Slowly turn and tilt the jar while letting the paint coat the inside of the jar. Do this step over another jar or paint can so that the excess paint is poured into the other jar/paint can. 

Step 3: Dry!

And there you have it...my latest obsession because it's so stinkin' easy!


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Indy said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Great idea to paint the inside instead of the outside!

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