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Today I have another awesome guest post for you! Enjoy, while I take the day off and make some smores (even though I'm not camping), that's alright though. 


Hello everyone! I’m Katharine from Life Through His Eyes blog. And I’m so grateful to Kelly for giving me this wonderful chance of meeting you all through this guest post. :)

I am having a fresh start as a fresh grad in a different land -- Hanoi -- my new home away from home. So most of my blogs would be about my expat life in Hanoi and other random ramblings. :)

I am a traveler and a language learner. I love music...a lot! I love LOVE. and most importantly...I am a daughter of God who hopes to inspire other young ladies and everyone who comes across my blog to see the beauty of life through His lenses. 

Living life in a foreign place especially when you just graduated from the univ is not easy. I am twenty and I totally jumped from one life to another. I could’ve just stayed in my hometown, have a vacation for a month or two before looking for a job or something. But I didn’t. I believe I was called for a bigger purpose. And as my blog name suggests, I want to see life through His lenses because everytime I do, everything just makes sense. I understand why I’m here, what I am here for, and instead of being burdened how difficult life is, I see the beauty it brings. I may not had the 2-month vacation every fresh grad wants after 4 years of sleepless nights but God gave me something better, everyday in this foreign place has its own little surprises for me. 

There would be a few bumps on the road for sure but the number of good things cancels it all out. And though I have been caught up with work for the past few weeks which left my blog dead for a while, I do believe life is just about to get more and more exciting for me here! I can’t wait to blog about everything that happened for the past 2 weeks and for the things to come. 

Thanks to this guest post, I’m back on blogger world! How’s that for a comeback? Haha. I have just updated and completed my blog series on Love and Waiting. And I would really like to share it to all of you.  So you can visit my site, read through it and leave some love!

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Katharine said...

Thank you so much for this Kelly! And thanks for the photo that you have posted, i love it! :)


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