Friday's Letters

Dear Friday's Letters, sorry I've missed out on you for the past few weeks. Please forgive. Dear boyfriend, I'm glad you're home. It's good knowing your now only a few blocks down the road instead a whole highway across the state :) and thanks for buying me my movie ticket today, you're the sweetest. Dear Harry Potter, I'll never get sick of you. Dear work, there might be a pepper plant missing a pepper today. I'm not saying who did it, I'mm just letting you know. It was delicious in my salad, that is all.... Dear lemon and mint candle, thanks for smelling like brilliance. Dear Patches, I'm glad you're finally eating again and not sneezing in my face 24/7. It feels good to not wake up with snot all over my face. Dear Wisconsin, enough with humidity, you're killing me smalls.   



Cait said...

ahhh love the picture :) super cute blog by the way girl and great list! have a great friday! xo

Katharine said...

aw kelly, the picture is bittersweet. I love Harry Potter and I wont get tired of it either. haha :)

Daryl said...

Lemon mint candle? That sounds AMAZING! Your blog is so cute, I love the design oh so much.

<3 Daryl (<--Newest Follower)
Roots, Wings & Other Things.

Meg {henninglove} said...

ugh i would hate to have my dogs sneeze all over me 24/7, once or twice is enough but all the time. thank goodness patches is doing better!

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