Mix Match Nails- a tutorial

It's day 2 of my birthday month favorites. Today I put together another nail tutorial for you all. This is another one of my favorite nail designs to do, mix match nails. You can do this look with pretty much any two colors you like, I chose blue and gold because I love these colors for summer. 

Start off with you thumb and paint every other nail with blue, then the last two (index and pointer) paint gold.  Then grab some tape and cut a few stripes off. Helpful tip: lay the tape on your skin and take it off a few times to get rid of the stickiness that might rip the polish off later. Next position the tape on the tips of your nails and the base of your nails to create a triangle at each spot. Take the opposite color nail polish and paint right over the tape, covering the whole nail. Do 2-3 coats then gently take off the tape. Wala! You did it! 

Hope you enjoyed this nail tutorial and please let me know in the comments below if there are any looks you would like me to re-create, thanks!

Have a great weekend! 

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