Blackberry Picking

A couple days ago, my friend Bria called me up and told me that she knew of the perfect place to pick some blackberries. I was totally for it and after work she picked me up and we headed out to Nine Mile which is a small campground/park. We grabbed our ice cream buckets and started walking down the trails. At first we were a little disappointed, because we couldn't find one darn blackberry bush! Then after a few more minutes of walking down the trail, it was like they all popped out of no where. They were everywhere!

We jumped right in, not considering the fact that blackberry bushes have thorns and we were wearing only t-shirts, lesson learned. I remember my mom telling me to wrap my belt around the handle of the bucket to make it easier to pick the berries and throw them right in. I told her that was a dumb idea, until I actually did it. Brilliant idea, mom's know everything. So we walked around for two hours with our buckets tied around our belts until they filled to the top with delicious berries!

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Rustic Love said...

I love when you don't want to listen to your mom, and then you cave! Done that a zillion times. I've been itching to go blackberry picking! Looks super yummy :)

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