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Today, one of my wonderful sponsors is taking over for a guest post. Allana from A Husband and a Dog just started blogging a few months ago and has a super cute blog along with and an even cuter corgi and husband. We decided to conduct a little interview for you guys, so you could get to know Allana and her blog better. Go check her out and stop on by later in the week for an awesome giveaway from her! Trust me, you'll want to enter!

You recently started blogging, what made you want to start a blog in the first place? 
I started my blog to have a hobby. My husband works a lot of overtime and instead of going out shopping or shopping online (my addiction), I played it safe and did something for free! I see a lot of twenty-something bloggers but you rarely see any thirty-something ones so that was more motivation for me too. 

How are you enjoying the blogging world so far?
I enjoy blogging. It has taken some time to learn the blogging world lingo and I still have a long way to go because there is so much out there! Made some friends along the way and have joined several swaps, hops, and sponsorships. I will talk to anyone about anything so I welcome comments and emails! 
What can readers find over at A Husband and A Dog?
A Husband and A Dog is about my daily life happenings. Granted I may not have the most glamorous lifestyle or boatloads of money to spend on clothes, shoes, and makeup but I sure do know how to desire these things. You will see entries about food that I love, places to visit, clothes/shoes that I saw while online window shopping, even cleaning products! 

   You have one of the cutest corgis I've ever seen? What's the story behind the sweet face?
Lincoln, our tri-colored baby. We don't plan on having any children so a Corgi was the next best thing. He will be five years old this October. Words to describe him would be: spoiled, fickle, and lazy. He has a soft and comfy bed in just about every room (sometimes two beds per room). He is a lover of ice cubes and chicken. Does not like long walks or the beach. Lincoln sleeps (most of the time) on the bed in between us, snores, farts, and burps.

Remember to stop on by later this week for an awesome giveaway!! Have a great day everyone!

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Allana Sendzicki said...

Hi all, come be my new friend! I love chit chatting so don't be shy.

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