Summer Plans: Check List

At the beginning of this fabulous summer I made a list of things I wanted to get done and work on for the next three months. With only a couple weeks of summer left until I pack my books and head back to school, I thought it would be fun to go back and see what  I accomplished. Some things I can check off, others I said I would do and didn't (normal...)

1. Keep in better touch with friends   CHECK! Skyping with my wonderful friend (and blogger) Nikki is always great. After that girly shipped herself across the world to Japan, I miss her like crazy. 
2. Practice my photography skills   CHECK! I really got into trying to take good pictures of food. I really think my food photography has gotten a lot better in the last few months. 

3. Join the YMCA and finally get fit   FAIL! Yeahhh, who are we kidding. I have no motivation for working out. 

4. Avoid being sunburn (starting today, yesterday doesn't count. Aloe anyone!?)   CHECK! I worn sunscreen almost everyday this summer and never once got a sunburn. I feel good knowing I protected my skin. :)

5. Take spontaneous road trips to the places I love   KINDA CHECK! I didn't take many spontaneous road trips, but I did take a trip to go see my good friend Kim, which turned out to be a fabulous three days. 

6. Minimal shopping. Keep myself on a restricted budget!   CHECK! I feel pretty confident that I didn't over spend on crap that I didn't really need. 

7. Read the books I began several months ago   NO CLUE! I don't remember what books I had at the beginning of this summer. I did just finish the Fifty Shades series yesterday, woohoo Christian! 

8. Build my blog, I love blogging and I love you guys  CHECK! I'm only 7 friends away from hitting my 100 mark! Let's make it happen guys, I'm planning a giveaway!! It makes me so happy that you guys enjoy reading what I write. I love you all. 

9. Take more bike rides and discover the tiny treasures of Wisconsin  KINDA CHECK! I biked a lot when I went camping and Chris and I would always take back roads home, discovering new things. 

10. Enjoy these next 3 months like no other   DOUBLE CHECK! This summer was fabulous

Alright, so only failing 1 out of 10, I did pretty good. I'm excited for school to start in a couple of weeks, but I also don't want summer to end. I like having the whole day to myself after work and not having to deal with homework. But bring it on college,  I can deal! 

How was your summer? Did you complete your summer to do list?


Dilan Dilir said...

love the photo and great list :D

Sandra said...

I love making lists, didn't make one of this summer, but I definitely should do one for my stay in London :)

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