DIY // Display your cards!

Who has a million cards laying around in a box in their closet? I know I do! I have a habit of keeping all my birthday/Christmas/thank you cards (it's the hoarder inside me). Instead of keeping all those cute cards locked in the closet, I thought it would be fun to bring them out and display them! Here's a quick tutorial showing you how you can display your cards to remind you of the people who gave them to you.

Materials needed:

Take a tac and tie the string in a knot around it. Do the same to the side. Now stick the tacs into the wall at a distance that you like. Gather your cards and begin pinning them onto the string. Use all sorts of different pins. I had some cute paperclips and bows that were attached to bobby pins. Use whatever! I only made one row for now to display some of my favorite cards, but feel free to make as many rows as you like. I think this is a great way to display your favorite cards from the people you love. It'll make you smile thinking about the day you received them! 


Samantha said...

Super cute idea. :) Love your WI print! I have the same one!! :)

Katie said...

Cute idea! I like the WI pic too!

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