random thoughts on a thursday

-School starts in about a week. I need to find a rock to hide under.
-Have gotten the itch to start working out. Ha, we'll see if that actually happens.
-Watched both seasons of Vampire Diaries on Netflix, now I'm obsessed with all things vampire related. Like this sign, friggen'. hilarious.

-I've been on the hunt for a vintage Schwinn bike, anyone know of any?
-Finished reading the Fifty Shades series. Need to find a new man to drool over.
-Made some awesome M&M cupcakes this past weekend. Cupcake business here I come!
-I want to learn to knit. In order to make this. Awesome

-Is doing my boyfriend's laundry for him too much? Mom thinks so.
-Cannot wait for fall.
-Why do I always say "You to" at the movie theaters when they tell me to enjoy the movie?
-Just forgot the thought I was going to write down.
-Blue Bunny's red velvet ice cream=amazsauce
-Need this.
-Want this.

What are your random thoughts that are occurring today? 

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