Friday's Letters

Wildlife Sanctuary Spring 2012 
Dear Chai tea, thank you for making my throat feel better, it's been a pretty rough week. Dear sun, you made a Friday afternoon wonderful. Dear Wildlife Sanctuary, it was so good to be back to see all the wonderful things you offer. Though the ducks weren't as hungry as they usually are, now I have 2 bags of corn. Dear Mr. Porcupine, I think I like you better when you're dancing around instead of taking a little snooze. But you're still my favorite. Dear boyfriend (like always), you need to eat bigger and more frequent meals during he day, enough said. Dear pasta dinner, I can't wait to make you tomorrow night and devour you until everything is gone! Dear computer, I'm not happy with you right now. What's up with you being all weird, uhh? I'm not a part of the Geek Squad, I don't know what to do!! 

Happy weekend and happy Easter!!!

xo, k

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