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It's time to meet those wonderful gals that you've been seeing over in my sidebar. Maybe you've already checked them out, maybe you haven't. Well today, I'm forcing you. Check out my three lovely sponsors and hopefully you'll love them just as much as I do. 

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I also want to note, Allison probably said one of the sweetest things to me the other day....

"It's hard to believe that Kelly Elizabeth is only 19 years old!  She is one of my go-to-blogs for recipes, crafts, and amazing views of Wisconsin.  I can assure you that I was not as ambitious as this young lady at 19...she has a sensational hunger for life and I promise that your time reading her blog will be time well spent."

Now how wonderful is that? That pretty much made my day, thank you Allison!! 

So definitely go check out these little ladies, they offer some really great stuff. And if you would like to swap in the future head on over to this page to check out my options!

Happy weekend everyone!

xo, k 

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Allison Coomes said...

great post! i meant every word-)...i'm going to have to check out these other lovely ladies' blogs!

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