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This past weekend I went to visit that wonderful man of mine. It was a fabulous weekend full of sunshine and laziness. My family wasn't doing much for Easter Sunday so I said it was alright to skip out on it and stay an extra day with Chris. I got there Friday afternoon after my morning classes and dragged Chris along to the Wildlife Sanctuary. It's the only thing I wanted to accomplish for the weekend, because I absolutely love this place. Walking through the trails with the trees just barely budding and having the sunshine peeking through the branches really made for a relaxing afternoon. I was snapping pictures of everything while Chris rolled his eyes and mumbled "bloggers" under his breath. It's just what I have to do. The geese were very anal that day also, not cool. 

Saturday we went to go see the Hunger Games, which really surprised me that it was a really good movie. I was in this huge "I don't understand the hype about that movie" phase and I finally broke out of it and we went. While driving home Chris and I discussed if we'd survive in the games. Conclusion: he'd just keep running and I'd go hide in a cave and cry. So no, we would probably not survive. I also made a really simple pasta dish that turned out really great! Chris loved it and I was very happy with the result. Burning 3 of my fingers in the process? not so much. 

I'll post the recipe soon if your interested!

Sunday was a lazy sit on your ass kind of day. After running to the grocery store to buy our Easter breakfast (doughnuts and oj) we pretty much just sat in the living room. Chris watched his golf and did some homework and I, naturally, sat on the internet accomplishing nothing. It was a wonderful day, which was ruined by having to leave. But he comes home in 2 weeks, so I think I can handle myself. 

How was your weekend? 
Have a great Monday!

xo, k


Jes said...

sunshine and laziness is the best kind of weekend!
and that pasta looks pretty amazing.

Alissa said...

Yesterday definitely was a great day to sit on your ass. I'm glad I wasn't the only one doing it!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I spent a lot of time lounging around as well :) And it's so funny that Chris rolls his eyes at your picture taking, because Josh does the same thing and then says, "so is that blog worthy?" haha :)

Brittany said...

I love jarritos. havent had one in a while. I did the same thing on Sunday minus the company of my boy.

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