Friday's Letter

check out the cat man here!

Dear myself, you will someday become the best cupcake baker ever. It may take forever, but just keep your head up high and you will be able to make a cupcake soon. Dear slippers, I love putting you on after a long morning of running around. Dear school, why does it seem like everything is all of sudden pilling up? I could of swore I didn't procrastinate that much. Finals, go easy on me please! Dear day off, I hope you are filled with countless activities to keep me busy today. Dear TJMaxx, I think you need to lock your doors when you see me coming. I have visited you for the past 4 days for no reason and always come out with things I do not need. This solution would greatly help my shopping addiction. Thank you. Dear Ranger and Titan (friend's cat), get ready for the best Saturday night ever!! Since your parents are gone and I have to clean up after you, we're definitely having a party afterwards! p.s. Bria if you're reading this, I promise to keep them under control :)




Melissa said...

Oh man, your kitty is so cute! (I'm kinda a crazy cat lady. Lol.) I just found your blog through Friday's Letters. New follower!

Stop by and say hi sometime!

Tanya said...

Such an adorable cat! In the same boat with school work! Good luck!

Real Food Runner said...

Pretty cat :)

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