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As I said in yesterday's post, my cat is my first love, grilled cheeses being the second, yum! Patches is a weird cat and if you have ever had the pleasure of meeting him, you will quickly figure that out. I was looking through the millions of pictures that I take of him, because that's what cat people like me do and I saw a pattern in the way that he sleeps. He either curls up into a ball with his leg kicked out, or he does what he's doing in the above pictures. He'll stretch his whole body out and curl up his paws. And every time I wake him up or say his name, he'll do this head tilt and open only one eye like he's saying to me "why the hell are you waking me up woman!"

While writing this post, he sits next to me in this same position and it makes me laugh. It's crazy how much love one can develop for their pets and the love they get in return from them. I don't even know how Patches became "my cat" seeing as when we picked him up from my Grandma's, we were getting him for my little sister. Sometimes I think he latched onto me because he was trying to get away from her dragging him around the house by the back legs (she was only 5, so I forgive her).

I have since then, became the owner of a cat who believes I gave birth to him and should cater to his every need, no matter what time of day it is. He's spoil rotten and he definitely knows it. And even though those long hours of just staring at me from across the bed creep me out a little, I can't help but to love him unconditionally.

Like I said, I have a weird cat.

Are you a cat lover too? or a dog lover? I wanna see pictures!!


Callie @ YouDontEvenKnow said...

Ok so this post was written for me!!!!! I completely get the whole 'in love with your pet thing'. I think I realized it when I knew I would come home from a long day at class or work and have something so happy to see me. Instantly would brighten up my day. Now I have two cats and a puppy (thanks BF!) and I swear they are the best money/time ever spent. The amount of pics on my iPhone of those goons is OBSCENE!

Patches is A-dorable and I want to snuggle him right now :)

Brittany said...

I love pets but cats are my fave. I had mine for pretty much my whole life. He was my baby. Now I can't wait to have my own place just so that I can get a pet because my mom won't let me get one.

Rachel said...

hahaha, he is too cute! He looks so soft I just wanna cuddle with him :)

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