I've been cleaning my room very thoroughly today and found the box that I've been keeping my jubilee of  tangled necklaces in. I've been holding off venturing into that box, because untangling necklaces is probably one of the things I hate most. My friend Nikki would always be the gal I'd run to when this sort of crises happened, but she's in Japan and that just wasn't going to happen. So, I had to do it myself. 

I opened the cover and there they were. I threw them on the floor and got to work. Some people would probably laugh at this situation, seeing as there was probably only about 7 necklaces in that pile, but to me that's like 700. Patches thought it would be a great idea to try and "help me" by pouncing onto the pile. He looked up at me like, "Well isn't that the reason you put them there in the first place?" That cat is something. 

After 25 minutes of swearing and wanting to give up, I did it. I pushed through like a warrior and kick that entanglement of necklaces' ass. Everything is good again. 

 xo, k


Jes said...

i am always dealing with tangled jewelry!!!!
and you are impressive for untangling all of them.
i usually get so frustrated i just tangle them more!
happy tuesday!
xx jes, newest follower


Brittany said...

Awesome job! I hate tangled necklaces but for some reason once I start untangling them I want to keep going until i'm done. it's like a puzzle that I ma determined to finish.

the plaid sparrow said...

Ha! :) This is so funny.
That happens to me quite often as well!
I'm glad it all turned out ok!
much love, colie.


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