Friday's Letter

Dear Friday night, I'm glad you're here and I'm going to spend all of you in my bed watching Netflix. Dear UGGs, you always keep my feet so comfy, even after a year of wearing you out. Dear McDonalds, I'm sorry I've given you a bad wrap. You have one mighty fine chicken ceasar salad. Dear my favorite pen, where the hell did you go? Dear Sam and Dean, I'll never get bored of watching of you two. Dear bedroom, why can't you ever stay clean for more than a day? Dear sunshine and warm weather, please come back, I miss you. Dear summer, why do you seem so far away? Come quickly. Dear Patches, you are one crazy feline. Lay off the catnip for a while. Dear gas, why?!? Why are you even close to being $4, that's not acceptable and paying almost $60 to fill up my tiny car is not acceptable either. 



Samantha said...

Friday nights in + Netflix = My FAVORITE! Happy weekend to you, my dear!

Vicki said...

haha love this post, my sister and I text msgs like this.. like dear mother nature please dont rain again today. lol :) xx

Brittany said...

I too have issues keeping my room clean :/ and I feel the same way, I am more than ready for summer to be here.

reviews said...

ugg's FTW!!

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