a day with the man

My weekends always fall within the week. So last week, for my weekend (Tuesday and Wednesday) I visited that wonderful man of mine, Chris. Of course when I got there it had to be in the 90's plus humidity, which made the apartment living hell. We were blessed with some cooler weather the next day and we decided to take a little road trip up to one of my favorite places in Wisconsin, Cave Point County Park. It's only an hour away from where Chris lives, so we packed our bags full of goodies and drove on up to spend our afternoon in the sun and water.

It's one of my favorite places in Wisconsin, because it is so absolutely beautiful there. The park is right on Lake Michigan and the whole place is just covered in rocks that you can walk on. The waves from the lake come crashing over the rocks making it all the more beautiful. It's just a really great place to take a day trip to and walk around on the shore. Plus right next door is Whitefish Dunes State Park and they have a fabulous beach.

We hiked through the woods a bit to reach the state park area and headed down to the beach. We instantly stripped our clothes and ran for the water, but then instantly stopped when we felt how cold it was. Lake Michigan never will be warm. We went in anyway and once you body went numb, it wasn't so bad. :) We soaked up some rays then were forced out by the black clouds of the storm coming, which ended our great day and we drove back home. I couldn't have ask for a better way to spend the day. 



JJ said...

wow its really pretty there. I will have to add this to the places to see list.

Little Tree Vintage said...

looks like a great day , i wish we had more of these places around here

Katharine said...

that's a beautiful place! :) i think i wanna read books and enjoy the view there...if i could. haha

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