DIY // Lemon Body Scrub

One of my favorite things about summer is being able to bring out my lemon body wash and lotion. The smell of lemon is so refreshing and I love wearing it during the summer time. I decided to combine my favorite scent with an exfoliating body scrub. This scrub is perfect for shedding those dead skin cells and leaving your body extra smooth. It's also great to keep next to the bathroom faucet for super smooth hands! Enjoy!

What you need:

There's really no measuring to this scrub, I just threw it all together. Mix together the sugar and olive oil until it's a smooth consistency. Then cut the lemons in half and squeeze with the open part up. This will prevent the seeds from falling in. Add as much or as little lemon juice as you like. I added a lot because I love the smell of lemons! There you have it!

Happy Friday Everyone!


jamie brooke said...

Can't wait to make some! Thanks for sharing :)
xoxo, jamie brooke

Thriftary said...

OOOO is it bad that I want to eat this?!!? Hahahah thanks for sharing! I am pinning this now :)

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