Peninsula State Park: Part 2

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The next few days consisted of more hiking, biking, and mopeding (is that a word too?). We biked into town one after noon for a day of shopping. We visited some of my favorite shops in Fish Creek like the candy store and all the little nik nak shops. I bought a ton of taffy and then even bought some ice cream on top of that. We sat on the pier eating our gigantic hawiian ices and ran into my little sister and her friend. They then became our photographers for some jumping pictures. We visited Egg Harbor to stop at the gelato shop, which has the best assortment of gelato flavors! There we did some more shopping and more shopping on top of that.

Other afternoons consisted of kayaking and sitting in the sun on the beach. I didn't bring my camera with for those events because I've had too many bad experiences with cameras and sand and water. Wasn't going to let that happen again. But kayaking was a blast, we rented a double and paddled our way to Horseshoe Island across from the beach. We also spent lots and lots of time at the campsite playing games, doing lots of reading, and sitting around the campfire. Camping is the best, ain't it? :)

and more pictures!



Happy Friday everyone!

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JJ said...

wow that candy looks amazing!

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