Peninsula State Park: Part 1

Last week, I told you all here and here that I was out in the wilderness camping with the family. I got back this past Sunday and today I finally sat down and went through all my pictures to get them ready for this post. We went camping at Peninsula State Park, which is one of my all time favorite parks (we go every year!). If any of you have ever been there you know what I mean. My friend, Bria, came along and I had such a blast. The weather was perfect and it was by far one of the best years I've had there.  

The first couple of days there we hiked, biked, and mopeded (is that a word?) everywhere. We took one of my favorite trails, the Eagle Trail, which walks right along the water and the bluffs. There's this little stream that comes down from the bluffs that always has the coldest and the best drinking water ever. This year it tasted a little sweet, which made it all the more amazing (minus the dirt). We watched the sunset almost every night at Welker's Point, the best place to watch any sunset. One night we even watched all the bats fly out of their houses. Bria wasn't to thrilled about that. 

Bria also got me hooked on my new summer read, Fifty Shades of Grey. Now I can join into converstations with pretty much the whole female population. How many of you are addicted to this book?! Christian Grey? Sexy as hell. 

Picture time, enjoy!

 Happy Thursday everyone! 

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