Heat Wave

Anyone who lives in or near Wisconsin knows what I mean when I say last week was a horrible week to be outside. This nasty heat wave came through and hit us hard. Wisconsin was hitting over 100 degrees some days and plus the humidity, it felt even worse. I don't know if any of the other states got it as bad as we did, but I think I can say that Wisconsin had the worst humidity levels ever! 

 Most of my week consisted of spending hours on the lake in the water, shopping in the air conditioned buildings, and lots and lots of frozen yogurt. A new frozen yogurt shop recently went up downtown called, Spoon and Yogurt. It is such a cute little shop and the yogurt was ahhhhmazing! Spoon and Yogurt is pretty much the same thing as a Pinkberry or Fro Yo. You pick your flavor of yogurt and top it with pretty much everything. It was our first time going in and I'm so glad we did. Spoon and Yogurt has officially become my new favorite dessert stop.

I dragged my little sister shopping with me and we found an awesome pair of hot pink pants. Sarah convinced me to buy them, which was totally weird for me to buy pink pants. But I love them, they are so cute! I also had a super fun time buying my gifts for my Christmas in July partner! So excited for her to open it! 

Here's some pictures to goggle at of our adventures around town!

There they are! I plan on matching them with my white tee or maybe a cream tank. Any suggestions fashion bloggers?!

My friend Bria and I also took a short trip to the Eau Claire Dells to get some sun and get out of the heat. It's one of my favorite places near home to go to and just relax. We spent the morning walking around the rocks and then drove over to the campgrounds to spend some time on the beach. We were the only ones there for a while so we just sat in the water trying to stay cool.

After a while, I started feeling little pinches on my body and flipped out. Then I realized all the little minnows were nibbling on me. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Then Bria and I layed in the water and just let them do their thing. There was so many around us! It reminded me of those fish that give those pedicures by eating off all your dead skin. I wonder if that's what they were doing? If so, thank you minnows!

If you got hit by the heat wave, how did you stay cool?

Happy Thursday everyone!!


Allison Coomes said...

omg-it has been so humid here...cooled down a bit to the 90s...take what you can get right? we have been doing ALOT of stuff indoors too. love the pics of that park-gorgeous!

Kris said...

The heat wave hit California too! It's been in the 100s all week, I can't imagine the humidity too though!

I love your pink pants by the way. Pair them with a white top and a chunky gold necklace and you'd have the perfect outfit! :)

Courtney*Cakes said...

I live in Phoenix... May- October is a heat wave for us. :)

Dells of the Eau Claire looks so pretty!!!

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